Thursday, January 15, 2009

Delving Deeper - Skill Systems is Released!

Brave Halfling Publishing announces the release of, “Delving Deeper: Skill Systems,” by Luke Fleeman.

In this Issue of Delving Deeper you will find three different Skill Systems to use in you Labyrinth LordTM and other Basic Edition rpgs. The systems have been designed using existing mechanics so that they will fit seamlessly into your current gaming, offering the least interference and most potential gain, without disrupting the feel.

Each of the Skill Systems (d6 Skills, Attribute Skills and Percentage Skills) utilize the same set diverse but broad set of Skills (Open, Movement, Athletics, Sleight of Hand, Concentration, Lore, Arcana, Nature, Detection, Streetwise and Persuade). However, Labyrinth Lord's can easily add to or take away from this list, adapting it to their own needs. Each of the three Skill Systems are briefly detailed and include sections focusing on Skill Ranks, Using Skills and the Advantages and Disadvantages of each Skill System.

If you have been looking for a different method of resolving attempted PC actions, you've found it!

Pdf can be found at:

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Original Edition Options - The Halfling Adventurer

Brave Halfling Publishing announces the release of “Original Edition Options: The Halfling Adventurer.”

It is a free download.

By the time they reach fourth level, most Halflings will want to be back in the comfort of their home, enjoying their loot and weaving ever-expanding tales of their exploits. However, a very rare few will make adventuring their life-long occupation often exceeding far beyond most, if not all Halfling leaders.

This short pdf has been created to allow gamers to play a Halfling character beyond fourth level in original edition rpgs.

Included is a rationale for the class, details and description of the class, some suggestions on Halfling Adventurer tactics along with Experience Level, Attack and Saving Throw charts.

Come and see how challenging and exciting running a Halfling Adventurer can be!

Furry feet await you.

This free pdf is awailable at: