Monday, June 22, 2009

What is Black, Red & White?

The new, non-digest version of "The Return of the Mountain King," of course!

Exactly one year after the first Module for Labyrinth Lord was released by Brave Halfling Publishing, the Mountain King has returned. Now he has settled down a few miles north of Larm and is attacking ships that travel the river, Dolm. Thus the trade between the capital of Dolmvay in the south and the Dwarven Kingdoms is in peril.

This module was written as a tournament scenario for the Role Play Convention (RPC) in Cologne (April 3rd to April 5th 2009) for 3rd level characters and presents a complete scenario with maps (for GM & players), seven pre-generated tournament characters, a scoring sheet, a chart with all of the monster stats and the obligatory OGL in just 15 pages. The descriptions of all rooms have purposely been kept short for the tournament, and the adventure contains more monsters and treasure than is usual for a scenario of this size. This has been done to keep the scenario interesting. and to introduce new players to many different situations.

If you are looking for an Old-School module to run at a convention, you've found it!

Full Size Module from

Digest Module & Pdf direct from BHP

Just the pdf

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Secret of Ronan Skerry (Castles & Crusades)

Brave Halfling Publishing is proud to announce the release of our first CASTLES AND CRUSADES™

by Michael Davis
An adventure for 4-6 players of levels 1-3

The town of Port Vogey is in distress. For several weeks, no ships have come into port, and no one knows why. Now the new moon has passed and the lighthouse keepers, the monks of the Sea Goddess, have missed their monthly trip into Vogey for supplies. The town council are not sure whether this is due to mishap or foul play, but you have heard they are looking for some eager adventurers to investigate.

This 32 page, digest module includes 4 new monsters, 4 maps (2 are 3-d and 1is a wilderness/area map), 3 original pieces of art and a monster reference sheet.

This module is available directly from BHP

This module is available in Print & Pdf for $6.99.

($1 shipping to the United States)
($2 shipping to Canada)
($3 shipping to World-Wide)

It will ship on Friday, June 26, but you will be able to download the pdf immediately.

The PDF (only) version of this module will be available for $5.00 on Thursday, July 23.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brave Halfling Website is Live!

Hey folks!

After a bunch of work (and a lot of patience on your part) Brave Halfling Publishing’s Home on the web is live! Woot! On this site you will find our blog, our forum, freebies, information on how to submit material and art to BHP, our online store (featuring print and pdf sales) and details concerning the mysterious “Lords of BHP” as well! Of course, the site it is just a work-in-progress and we will continue to add more resources and functionality as time goes on. So take some time, look around and come back often!

BHP Website

Monday, April 27, 2009

Obregon's Dishonor Released!

An adventure module for Supplement V: CARCOSA!
Written by Cameron Dubeers with art by Andy Taylor.
This module is designed for 6-8 Characters of Levels 4-6.

“OBREGON’S DISHONOR” is available for $6.00 (World-Wide Shipping Included!):

*This item ships on May 8.*

South of the Thaggasoth Peaks lies the mining town of Jaftgong. It is a rough place to spend time, a mining town with slaves and freemen alike toiling to extract rubies from inside the mountains.

You and your team of adventurers like this place, there is no itch that cannot be scratched in this thriving community that is growing too fast for its own good. Your purses have emptied and your lusts are sated—for the moment. Now the time has come to make some gold and maybe bust a few heads in the process, and you have begun looking for work.

The usual leads turn up, but who wants to spend their days cracking a whip over a bunch of dispirited mine slaves for paltry wages? Not you and your mates, you were made for better things.

One night, it seems your luck changes. A purple woman has been frequenting the roughest tavern in town, looking for a group of men and women who know how to use a sword. Oh, yeah. There is just one thing you ought to know about her …

Friday, April 3, 2009

"The People of the Pit" released in Print!

Brave Halfling Publishing is proud to announce the release of “People of the Pit” in print.
This fantastic module is written by Alphonso Warden and features art by John Bignham.

This print product includes a protective laminate coating on the cover, 41 pages of text, 12 pieces of original art, 4 new monsters and 4 pages of maps that can be easily removed without damaging the module. When you purchase this module from Brave Halfling Publishing, you will also receive a free pdf of it as well!

Susurrus Profundi
Several millennia back, the peoples of the mighty Kingdom of Merritt entered into all-out war with their long-time nemesis, the People of the Pit, a nefarious race of slug-like creatures hailing from a vast subterranean city lying on their northern border. Though the battle was hard fought, with both sides initially incurring heavy losses, the Merrittians in due course gained the upper hand, almost wholly exterminating their foe. Even the very god of the People of Pit was banished to the lower planes by a cabal of Merrittian magic-users and clerics, or so they thought. Recently, the evil within the city of the People of the Pit has surged yet again, and it is up to you to see that it doesn’t spill out into the surrounding lands.

“People of the Pit” was designed to be run with a minimum of preparation, and can be integrated into the Game Master’s home campaign with little effort. Even though the adventure is designed for 4-6 players of levels 5-7, it can easily be modified to suit lower and higher level parties with the NPC tables in the appendix.

“People of the Pit” is available for $15 World-Wide (Shipping & free pdf Included!)

The pdf of this module is available at:

A Word from the Designer of People of the Pit
I am greatly pleased that you have shown an interest in purchasing People of the Pit, which I feel will help fill a void in the role-playing game market. What void you say? Well, I feel that at present there are few adventure modules being written that are set in more exotic locales such as ancient Babylon, Egypt, India, Persia, Greece, or even the imaginary worlds of the late, great pulp writers H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, and Abraham Merritt. Unfortunately, most modules today take place in some version of medieval Europe where the magic of the alchemists and black magicians of that era is real. Such a milieu, in the opinion of this designer, has lost much of its charm over the years, becoming banal. This stagnation in the market is inexcusable because “old school” role-playing game systems like OSRIC can easily support unconventional settings, and in the past often did.

People of the Pit is quite an exotic adventure, indeed, and replicates the general feel of the glorious pulp yarn of the same name that inspired it written by the legendary A. (Abraham) Merritt. However, considering the strong fantasy element inherent in “old school” role-playing games, I have infused the adventure with a bit more eldritch magic and mythical beasts sure to strike terror into the most doughty of players.
For those who may be unfamiliar with the term “old school” as it applies to adventure design, perhaps a bit of explanation is in order. To this designer, “old school” adventures are action-oriented dungeon crawls positively brimming with fell monsters, diabolical traps, and clever riddles. They are designed to tax both the brains and sword arms of the player characters. They are not, and I can’t emphasize this enough, burdened with ream upon ream of source material and intricate plots which reduce players to nothing more than scripted actors in the Game Master’s “grand saga.” Apart from limiting spontaneity on the part of the player characters, these overly story-driven adventures tend to burden the Game Master, forcing him or her to constantly reference the particulars of the background information in order to maintain the flow of the plot. Such is definitely not the kind of game I would ever want to participate in, and I hope that those reading this feel the same way. In other words, if you came of gaming age in the late seventies and early eighties or merely wish you had, then you will not be disappointed with People of the Pit. -Alphonso Warden

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Original Edition Options - Cavalier, Paladin & Squire

Brave Halfling Publishing is proud to announce the release of, “Original Edition Options – Cavalier, Paladin & Squire.”
Written by John Adams with cover art by Steve Robertson and interior art by Andy Taylor.

This 5 page pdf has been created to allow gamers to play Cavalier or Paladin characters in Original Edition RPGs. A 0-Level sub-class called, “Squire” is included so that characters of a lower station can work their way up into becoming full-fledged cavaliers.

Included are descriptions of each class, a sample Code of Chivalry, a House Rule for playing Paladins as a sub-class of Cavaliers, along with Experience Level, Attack and Saving Throw charts.

For lord and god! For honor and glory!
Now you can play a knight in shinning armor!

The pdf is available at:

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Great OSRIC 1/2 Off Sale!!!

Now through the end of February BHP is offering pdfs of our two OSRIC products, "Breaking & Entering" and "The Forgotten Temple of Baazebul" for 1/2 off!!! Why are we doing it? Because we can! Because you need a copy of these fantastic items!

Breaking & Entering: A Toolbox for Thieves:

The Forgotten Temple of Baazebul: