Saturday, February 21, 2009

Original Edition Options - Cavalier, Paladin & Squire

Brave Halfling Publishing is proud to announce the release of, “Original Edition Options – Cavalier, Paladin & Squire.”
Written by John Adams with cover art by Steve Robertson and interior art by Andy Taylor.

This 5 page pdf has been created to allow gamers to play Cavalier or Paladin characters in Original Edition RPGs. A 0-Level sub-class called, “Squire” is included so that characters of a lower station can work their way up into becoming full-fledged cavaliers.

Included are descriptions of each class, a sample Code of Chivalry, a House Rule for playing Paladins as a sub-class of Cavaliers, along with Experience Level, Attack and Saving Throw charts.

For lord and god! For honor and glory!
Now you can play a knight in shinning armor!

The pdf is available at:

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