Monday, April 27, 2009

Obregon's Dishonor Released!

An adventure module for Supplement V: CARCOSA!
Written by Cameron Dubeers with art by Andy Taylor.
This module is designed for 6-8 Characters of Levels 4-6.

“OBREGON’S DISHONOR” is available for $6.00 (World-Wide Shipping Included!):

*This item ships on May 8.*

South of the Thaggasoth Peaks lies the mining town of Jaftgong. It is a rough place to spend time, a mining town with slaves and freemen alike toiling to extract rubies from inside the mountains.

You and your team of adventurers like this place, there is no itch that cannot be scratched in this thriving community that is growing too fast for its own good. Your purses have emptied and your lusts are sated—for the moment. Now the time has come to make some gold and maybe bust a few heads in the process, and you have begun looking for work.

The usual leads turn up, but who wants to spend their days cracking a whip over a bunch of dispirited mine slaves for paltry wages? Not you and your mates, you were made for better things.

One night, it seems your luck changes. A purple woman has been frequenting the roughest tavern in town, looking for a group of men and women who know how to use a sword. Oh, yeah. There is just one thing you ought to know about her …

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