Monday, June 22, 2009

What is Black, Red & White?

The new, non-digest version of "The Return of the Mountain King," of course!

Exactly one year after the first Module for Labyrinth Lord was released by Brave Halfling Publishing, the Mountain King has returned. Now he has settled down a few miles north of Larm and is attacking ships that travel the river, Dolm. Thus the trade between the capital of Dolmvay in the south and the Dwarven Kingdoms is in peril.

This module was written as a tournament scenario for the Role Play Convention (RPC) in Cologne (April 3rd to April 5th 2009) for 3rd level characters and presents a complete scenario with maps (for GM & players), seven pre-generated tournament characters, a scoring sheet, a chart with all of the monster stats and the obligatory OGL in just 15 pages. The descriptions of all rooms have purposely been kept short for the tournament, and the adventure contains more monsters and treasure than is usual for a scenario of this size. This has been done to keep the scenario interesting. and to introduce new players to many different situations.

If you are looking for an Old-School module to run at a convention, you've found it!

Full Size Module from

Digest Module & Pdf direct from BHP

Just the pdf


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